DATE: 06 Dec 2023


Ichnos Sciences Appoints President and CEO Cyril Konto as Executive Director to the Board

December 6, 2023

NEW YORK, December 6, 2023 – The Ichnos Sciences Board of Directors is pleased to announce Cyril Konto, M.D., as Executive Director to the Board, effective November 2, 2023. In this elevated role, Dr. Konto will leverage his proven leadership as the current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), making him an invaluable addition to the board as it continues to drive change and provide guidance within the organization.

This appointment reflects not only Cyril’s individual accomplishments but also the collective achievements of Ichnos’ dedicated management team over the past four years. Under Cyril’s guidance, the team has played a pivotal role in transforming Ichnos into a dynamic force within the biopharmaceutical industry.

Since Ichnos’ conception, the executive leadership team has worked tirelessly to revolutionize research and development strategies, streamline business operations, and foster an internal culture consistent with that of biopharmaceutical competitors—one marked by sharp innovation, strong collaboration, and a drive to pursue disease cures.

The Ichnos management team’s unwavering efforts have included the beginning of three clinical trials for FDA orphan-drug-designated assets, licensing of two autoimmune assets, numerous data presentations, and the refining of Ichnos’ signature BEAT® multispecific platform’s (Bispecific Engagement by Antibodies based on the T cell receptor). Ichnos’ successes have garnered increased confidence from our existing board members and paved the way for Cyril’s appointment as Executive Director to the Board. The board will work with Ichnos to build on this momentum, with Cyril’s expertise.

“We extend a warm welcome to Cyril Konto in his new capacity as Executive Director to the Board,” said Glenn Saldanha, Chairman & Managing Director, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. “The Ichnos Executive Board members are confident that Cyril’s exceptional leadership will not only fortify our management team but also propel Ichnos towards even greater success. We anticipate that under Cyril’s guidance, Ichnos will continue to push the boundaries of biotechnology, developing groundbreaking therapies that make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives worldwide.”

Acknowledging the remarkable achievements of the management team, Dr. Konto stated, “I am honored to take on this role and am keenly aware of the extraordinary accomplishments of our management team. Their dedication and innovative spirit have been instrumental in our journey thus far, and I look forward to collaborating with them to lead Ichnos to new heights in the evolving landscape of biopharmaceuticals.”

Dr. Konto has been a driving force at Ichnos since assuming the role of President and CEO in May 2021, following his tenure as the company’s Chief Medical Officer. Previously, he held key roles at Allogene Therapeutics, Pfizer, and Bristol Myers Squibb. An oncologist by training, the appointment as Executive Director to the Board marks the next chapter in his impactful journey with Ichnos.

About Ichnos Sciences Inc.

A fully integrated, global biotech with the spirit of a start-up, Ichnos is shifting the way the world thinks about innovation in medicine through its research and development of transformative, disease-centric treatments in oncology. The company, with headquarters in New York, N.Y., is rapidly advancing a clinical-stage pipeline of novel, first-in-class candidates designed to address complex diseases and to treat patients holistically. With its patented BEAT® technology platform and pioneering teams, Ichnos Sciences has a mission to provide breakthrough, curative therapies that will extend and improve lives, writing a new chapter in healthcare.

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